The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

Saved Heritage

Here is a list of the buildings and other objects that have been saved in recent years.

19th Century Barns restored.

The barns between 3 and 3a High Street have been restored.

This is how they were described in the planning application to erect two houses behind them...

"Further to these Listed buildings, the site has a small range of 19th Century barns to its road side boundary. These are defined in the Clophlll Conservation Area Appraisal of 2007 as being 'buildings of local interest'. It is also believed that they once formed part of the curtilage to No.3 High Street. There are two distinct parts to the barns - a two storey element that has a low pitched slate roof over a timber framed and clad structure with a red/orange brick gable to its roadside elevation.

Before (From Google Streetview)

Before (From Google Streetview)

The other part is a single storey 'lean-to' that has a clay pantiled roof over red/orange brick walls with more modern brick infilling of the hovel bays to the garden-side elevation. There is also a timber clad infill section to the roadside elevation of the lean-to.



They sit at the back edge of the pavement and as a consequence the soft brick that they are built from has seriously decayed. Our proposals seek to sensitively repair these barns using matching materials and established 'conservation' building techniques."

Old St. Mary's Church ruin restored.

Old Church 1976

Old Church 1976 showing the decay

Ever since the lead was stolen from the roof in 1956 the building has been in decline.

It attracted vandals who further damaged the structure.

Fortunately, due to the dedicated work of a group of villagers, it has now been restored.

Eco Lodges

Eco Lodges

This section reproduced from the Clophill Eco Lodges website.

"In 2010 the need for a solution at the site was identified in the local Parish Plan. The Clophill Heritage Trust (CHT) charity was therefore set up by a group of local volunteers to design and deliver a programme of restorative structural works and a sustainable business plan to fund future upkeep.The charity has been operating since, with seven core trustees and over 100 volunteers; to date it's raised over £1.1 million to complete the monument consolidation and create the eco lodges and all their off-grid services.

The refurbished church, 2016

The refurbished church, 2016

The Clophill Eco Lodges venture will provide revenue and guardianship for the monument as well as myriad additional educational and leisure opportunities - read more about them on our Clophill eco lodges page.

For the consolidation work, Caroe Architecture of Cambridge provided the necessary architectural input with Universal Stone selected as the contractor to complete the skilled stonemasonry work required. Monument consolidation and construction of new viewing platforms in the tower, were completed in July 2014 and are now ready for visitors."