The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.


Edith Victoria Appleby

Born in Clophill on 6 April 1885

The Story of Edith Victoria Appleby - the mother of Eva and Dorothy Gillett (pdf)

Clophill Spotlight magazine.

Edward Crouch 1824-1915

"The Father of Clophill".

Rev. Cecil Lloyd Matthews

Clophill Rector, 1911-1919

Ivy Stokes

Shopkeeper, 1957-1986

Mrs Wallis

Supply teacher at St Mary's School from 1929

Gillian Lovell (née Hunter)

Early memories of living at Oakley house.

Jack Burgoine

Jack Burgoine's Memories of Clophill (pdf)

Clophill Spotlight magazine.

Jack Pitts

Jack Pitts' Memories of Clophill (pdf)

Clophill Spotlight magazine.

Jack Durston




Capt. Charles Moore R.N.

The story of a brave and adventurous Royal Navy officer, who fought in the Napoleonic wars, and his children.

Rev. George H. Pattison

The Sad Case of the Lonely Rector.

Susan Collip

How did a poor servant girl from Stanford manage to buy and run a shop in Clophill?


Real Highwaymen at the Flying horse.

Bert Dray

Billeted in Clophill during WW1.

Florrie Robinson

An appreciation of a life-long resident of Clophill.

Andrew Hawkins Tanqueray

A magistrate who did much voluntary work for the village.

Rev John Mendham

The Rector who had the new church built.